Harlyn Road

About Harlyn Road

Enjoy the sights, sounds and smoke from the 1950s & 1960s British Railways Southern Region in O Gauge, 1:43 scale. Featuring a superb selection of steam engines and diesels with supporting rolling stock, take a step back in time to Harlyn Road on the Southern Region
While soaking in the atmosphere look for the fine details on the layout – swallows nest, station cat, broken window pane, tools in the shed, shop window classified ads and a whole host of other fine detailing, bringing the layout alive.

Local passenger services are catered for with M7 0-4-4 tanks, 0-6-0 SR Terriers with some ex GWR 14xx 0-4-2 tanks with Autocoaches to strengthen the service. With the introduction of BR Standard class locos several different types can be seen from the 2-6-2 tanks through to the tender versions.

Larger ex Southern Unrebuilt/Rebuilt West Country and Merchant Navy locos are regular visitors to Harlyn Road, with green Class 08s shunting the yard through to Class 40s bringing in passengers and goods to be sorted through the ex LSWR Goods shed.
All the locos have DCC sound fitted, some with synchronised smoke effects and weathered sensitively to bring out the extensive detail incorporated, handbuilt from kits or bought ready to run with some added detailing. The locos are set up to provide an authentic sound and are operated at authentic speeds to showcase the delights that DCC sound can bring to any layout, not just O Gauge.

Originally built by three talented modellers, John, Peter and Bob over six years, Harlyn Road has enjoyed a successful ten year run on the English show circuit and it’s popularity is testament to the skills of the builders with the layout recently featured in the December 2016 edition of British Railway Modelling. Two years ago Harlyn Road moved to its new home with members of SDEG group assisting with the conversion to DCC sound, installing new lighting and providing valuable help making exhibiting the layout possible.

On it's first outing to Falkirk MRC 2015 we were delighted to win the Exhibitor's Cup. In 2017 we took it out on its second outing in Scotland to ModelRail Scotland in 1950s-1960s Steam and Green Diesel era - showing a taste of BR Southern Region in it’s heyday.

Harlyn Road was featured in the December 2016 "British Railway Modelling" magazine and we even made the front cover!


Useful links

The following two layouts are by the original builders of Harlyn Road and they have continued with the Southern theme in O gauge with their latest builds.

'Harlyn Pier'
Harlyn Pier by the builders of Harlyn Road
This a 7mm finescale '0' gauge layout built to satisfy the builder's desire to have his own layout at home and also a layout to (hopefully) take to exhibitions. 
Just like Peter's layout, his website is currently under construction.  Things are being added and changed as time goes on and, as the layout develops, so will the website.  So please have a read but don't be surprised if some parts are unfinished or a bit strange.  It will be complete one day!


Newhurst O gauge layout by the builders of Harlyn Road

This is a freelance 7mm fine scale '0' gauge layout set somewhere in Hampshire.  The era modelled is British Railways in late 1950s / early 1960s.  The station is a double main line with a connection to a nearby quayside location.